What is yoga?

While many people think that yoga is about being flexible and doing different postures, it is actually first and foremost about your mind. We practise yoga to develop a calm and steady mind so that we can think more clearly and enjoy a better quality of life.

There are many different tools in yoga to achieve a steady mind and one of these tools is to practise postures known as asana. Other important tools are breathing techniques known as pranayama as well as yogic mindfulness and meditation. 

In classical yoga, the breath is at the centre of your practice because the breath is the link between the body and the mind.  The mind is intangible so we use the body and breath to indirectly influence the mind. The focus is on cultivating a calm and steady breath because in doing so we can calm and quieten the mind. 

Why do we do it?

When our minds are in a state of yoga we are more relaxed, alert and focused, which allows us to see things more clearly and make better decisions for ourselves. This translates to a myriad of benefits including the ability to respond rather than react, improved communication and relationships, and an overall greater sense of happiness and well being.

What style of yoga?

Bronwyn is a registered Svastha yoga teacher. The yoga taught is in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. It is classical or traditional yoga, based on the teachings in Patanjali's yoga sutras. The practice is centred on the breath because by focusing on the breath we can quieten and steady the mind which is the goal of yoga. 

Rather than a set sequence that all students are required to practise regardless of their individual needs, in this style of yoga the practice is adapted to the individual making it safe and useful for each student. 

For more information about Svastha yoga and its founders go to www.svastha.net and www.svastha.com.au.