Svastha Yoga classes in Balmain and on the Central coast

General classes

Group classes are generally 60 minutes long. Students are taught classical yoga postures, known as asana

Postures are practised with a focus on the breath to strengthen and ease the body as well as clear the mind. To cultivate a calm and steady breath students are guided to co-ordinate each movement with the breath. 

Depending on the class students may practise seated/kneeling/standing postures; forward/back/lateral bends, twists, sequences of asanas known as vinyasa, balances, and inversions.

The class  finish with 10 minutes of breathing techniques or a simple meditation.

Students wear comfortable clothing and practice on a mat or in a chair.


Yogic Mindfulness & Meditation



Most of us have a very active 'monkey mind' making it challenging to simply come and sit in meditation without appropriate preparation.

In these classes we use different tools of yoga  such as the breath, gentle movements, and simple sound to gently guide us into a state of meditation. 

Breathing exercises, known as pranayama, involve consciously regulating the breath to extend and improve the flow of prana or vital energy through the body.  Students are guided through a variety of simple breathing techniques such as observing the natural breath, the four parts of the breath, as well as the important ujjayi breathing technique.

Postures are practised to prepare our mind and our body to sit comfortably. It is difficult to sit in meditation if are bodies are distracting us because they are not at ease.

Sound or mantra also helps focus the mind. By replacing the inner mental chatter in our minds, which is itself sound, with a more calming sound, we bring the mind to clarity and then from sound we to move towards silence. 

Students are encouraged to bring the mindfulness techniques into their daily life and to keep a journal of their experience.


Private classes



Traditionally yoga was taught on a one on one basis to allow a practice to be specifically designed to be suitable for the individual. 

Private classes allow personalised yoga practices to be developed for students to practice on a regular basis at home (see below for more information on personal practises). Private classes are also encouraged for people who may wish to address a specific health concern, gain a deeper understanding of yoga, or for those who do not enjoy a group environment.


Workplace classes



Generally people in the workplace need to move more because of the amount of time they spend each day sitting. They also often need to reduce stress levels but they do not have the time to get changed and to travel to and from a yoga studio.

By bringing these classes to the workplace, students can practise gentle movements and/or learn how to practice mindfulnesss & meditation in a way that is convenient and efficient. Classes are are held in any available and suitably sized boardroom or conference room.

Yogic Mindfulness and Meditation classes in the workplace are generally 30 minutes and held in the boardroom or any suitably sized room.  There is no need for students to get changed or bring a mat. 

Clients include the Federal government, Bupa, Telstra, Oomera Partners, George P Johnson, school students and teachers. 


Personal practices



Bronwyn offers students the ability to develop a personal yoga practice that can be practised on a regular basis at home. A personal practice is an ongoing and potentially lifelong self care practice and is the optimal way to practise yoga.

A personal practice is designed over about three 60 minute private sessions.

The first session is to gather detailed information about the student’s experience, goals, health concerns and capabilities. During the second session, students are taught their personal practice, including the correct way to co-ordinate the breath with the postures. Students are provided with a written copy of their practice in diagrams and/or a video of the teacher performing the practice. The third session is to check in with how students are finding as well as performing the practice after several weeks, as well as to answer any queries, and to make any amendments to the practice.


Yoga for Backcare


Bronwyn runs regular Yoga for Backcare courses which are based on her yoga therapy studies with internationally recognised Dr Ganesh Mohan, son of AG Mohan & Indra Mohan. Ganesh Mohan is a Western medical doctor as well as an Ayurvedic doctor who works closely with orthopaedic surgeon Guenter Niessen.  

In these classes students practise various methods that have been proven to be effective in reducing and preventing pain such as deep relaxation, developing greater body awareness, release, healthy body alignment, as well as postures to promote stability, strength and greater mobility.

The cost of the 8 week course also includes a private session with Bronwyn before the course commences so she is aware of each student's particular  health concerns, limitations, and priorities.