'Asana’ are the physical postures and the most well known component of yoga. This 50 to 60 minute class provides a more familiar ‘studio style’ yoga class. Students wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat. Classes are offered privately or to a group.


Breathing & Meditation


The breathing exercises, known as ‘pranayama’, involve consciously regulating the breath to extend and improve the flow of ‘prana’ or vital energy through the body. This 30 minute class allows students to efficiently clear and focus their minds without having to get changed or bring a mat. The class begins with a few gentle movements before focusing on breathing exercises and meditation. Students often sit in chairs or cross legged on the floor. Classes are offered privately or to a group.



Personal Practices



Yoga Namaha also offers students the opportunity to  develop a personal yoga practice - the way yoga was traditionally taught and practised. A personal yoga practice is specifically designed for an individual to be practised on a regular basis at home. Over three 45-60 minute private sessions detailed information is gathered about the student’s particular goals, health concerns and capabilities; the practice including correct breathing is taught to the student; and a written or video copy of the practice is provided.